What is Booster mode?

Booster Mode is a special feature that allows you to screen share and record for unsupported devices (devices running Android 5.0 or lower, Google Nexus, Sony, Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc.)

Download the Mobizen Mirroing Application and connect the device using USB to enable the Booster mode.

[Booster Mode Requirements]

No. Requirement What do to
1 USB Debugging Settings > Developer Option > USB Debugging
2 Install Mobizen PC application Download
3 Connect between PC and Mobile device Connect using USB cable
4 USB driver installation Run Mobizen PC application to install the unified driver
5 Allow USB debugging 
(using RSA key from the PC)
Check Box then accept the USB debugging of the PC

Please follow the instructions below in the set order.


1. USB debugging check

– Please check go to “Settings” > Developer Options’ ‘USB Debugging’ on your mobile device.
If you cannot find [Developer Option] Menu, 
you need to gain developer authority with your Android.

Learn how to enable Developer Option


2. Install the Mobizen PC application

-Please click here to install Mobizen on your PC.


3. USB Connect between the PC and mobile device

– Connect the mobile device to your computer using the USB cable.
(Go to Step. 5, if USB driver and Mobizen application had already been installed, USB debugging allowance will then pop up and ask for your permission.)


4. USB driver installation

– You must run Mobizen after connecting the mobile device to your PC using a USB cable. A unified USB driver will be installed, as shown in the pictures below.

5. Allow the USB debugging

– When the Unified USB Driver installation has ended, allow USB debugging, as shown below on the mobile device. Check the box “always allow to connect to this PC,” then click the ‘OK’ button.

Booster Mode has started!

If Booster Mode has successfully activated, you will be notified as below, and Booster Mode will remain activated until the next reboot.
*If your device has rebooted, keep your mobile device connected to your computer (Mobizen PC application installed) using the USB cable until the booster mode activation message displayed




Learn how to activate Booster Mode on YouTube!

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