How do I connect or mirror with USB cable?

*** Make sure that USB cable allows both CHARGING and DATA COMMUNICATION.

*** To connect from a browser, install Mobizen Mirroring PC first. Web plugin (MobizenService.exe) will be installed. 


1. Enabling USB debugging

1) First, activate DEVELOPER OPTIONS.

Image result for android developer options

  • Tab [Build No.] option 7 to 8 times continuously until the message "You are now a developer" is shown.
  • Actual screen may be different depending on the manufacturer. Refer to their website on how to activate the developer options.


2) Enabling USB debugging

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  • Make sure to allow USB debugging on the security prompt.


3) Connect the USB cable between PC and smartphone.

  • "Connected as Media" 
  • "USB debugging connected"
  • If the above messages are not shown, then connection might not be stable. Reconnect or change the cable.