How do I connect Mobizen via wireless (WiFi / 3G / LTE)?


  • Learn how to connect from an internet enabled PC to a smartphone using Mobizen Mirroring.
  • Mobizen Mirroring offers WIRELESS connection within same local network for FREE.
  • But, any connection from/to a non-local network requires a gateway and therefore it is a PAID service.



Connecting within local network

  • Usually, it is called "In local network" when both PC and smartphone are connected to the same router.
  • For example, if the PC is directly wired to the router, then the smartphone must be connected to that same router wirelessly.
  • More precisely, PC must be able to access smartphone's IP address. 
  • Test the accessibility by trying the following ( will be the IP of the smartphone).
  • Mobizen Mirroring is FREE for devices located in the same local network.


Connecting to an external network

  • External connection is required even if the smartphone is connected via WiFi on a different local network.
  • External connection is required if the phone can only be reached via 3G/LTE.
  • Access to devices via external connection is available on PAID service only.



  • Even on same local network, weak wireless signal might not be able to establish connection.
  • If the connection fails, make sure to verify the WiFi connection (both PC and SMARTPHONE) as it gets changed often depending on the current location.

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