[2017.03.29] Service update and price change notice

Hi, this is Mobizen team.
First, thank you for your support on Mobizen mirroring.

We will be updating Mobizen Mirroring service on March 29th.

Also, we would like to let you know that the special discount event (Feb. 7 till now) on Mobizen Mirroing Professional price has ended.

Here are the changes.

1. Ended price discount event.

2. web, www.mobizen.com
 1) Improved website and main page.
 2) Fixed the issue with IE10 connection.
 3) Added the option to use coupon codes.
 4) Fixed the page not responding after getting connected.
 5) Fixed the error displaying USB / Wireless selection.


3. Windows program
 1) Added tray icon to indicate the status.
 2) Added button to go back to login screen.
 3) Adjusted the full screen to sync with the viewer.
 4) Removed watermark when capturing screen with Professional.
 5) Fixed the crash issue when recording with Mirroring.
4. Other minot fixes


※Mobizen Mirroring Professional pricing※
$3.99 for 1 month
$39.74 for 12 months (save 17%)
$79.48 for 24 months (save 17%)


Please, have you app updated and we will continue to provide you with the best service.
Thanks again.

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