What are the features of Mobizen Mirroring Professional?


Mobizen Mirroring Professional offers the following features.

  • Includes all Mobizen Mirroring Basic features
  • Supports external connections (3G/LTE/Wi-Fi)
  • Mirror in full screen
  • Draw on mobile (Android)
  • Record and store mirrored screen
  • Adjust transparency (ghost mode)
  • Display app push/phone/message notification
  • Supports iOS Airplay mirroring
  • Watermark removed



External network support (3G/LTE/Wi-Fi)

Enjoy mirring devices using not only USB but via Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE wireless networks.




Select USB/Wireless and then connect with the device. Connection status will be shown in the system tray.  




Full screen

Mirror in a much larger screen.




On the web browser, click on Full Screen option. On the PC program, press Ctrl+Enter to switch to full screen.




Screen transparency

Adjust the transparency of the PC program for a less intrusive view.




Use the transparency slider on the top to adjust.

* Available only on PC Application




Draw on mobile

Leave a memo or write instructions directly on the mobile devices screen while mirroring it.




Select Whiteboard from the toolbar to draw. 
* Available only on Android




Record and store mirrored screen

While being connected with the device, record and store the mirrored screen including pointer taps, text and drawings.




Press the Record button to start recording the screen. Press it again to stop.

* Available only on Application




Display phone, message, APP Push notification

Check phone, message, app push alerts and notifications from the PC while mirroring the device.




Notification pops up on the right-bottom corner of the screen.

* Available only on PC Application




Supports iOS Airplay

Mirror iOS devices using Airplay.




Select the mirroring PC from the iOS device's Airplay option.

* Available only on PC Application




Watermark removed

Mirror and record the device's screen without the watermark.




Get all the powerful features of Mobizen Professional today!



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