Allow Mobizen through firewall for iOS AirPlay connection

Mobizen might not work properly if it is blocked by the firewall. In this case, you must add mobizen.exe to the allowed list of application for firewall.

Alert windows will appear if the program is blocked by the Window firewall. Allow access to private and public network.

If the alert window does not appear, follow the steps below to fix it.

① On the PC, press START > Control Panel.

Image result for windows control panel

② Select "Security" (actual name might be different depending on the OS version).

Image result for windows control panel

③ Choose the option "Allow an app through Windows Firewall".

④ Press "Change settings" and check both boxes next to "Rsupport Mobizen Mirroring". Press OK to save the changes.

Also, it is very common to see Antivirus and Malware program blocking the Mobizen program. Refer to the provider to allow "mobizen.exe".

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