Cannot connect with the device saying that there is no device connected to USB.

This problem might happen if the communication between the PC and mobile fails or not working properly. Try the following steps to fix the issue.

  1. Unified USB drive is not installed

    Unified USB driver is automatically installed when the Mobizen Mirroring PC application is installed. If the driver is not installed or not compatible, then visit the device manufacturer's website and download the driver specific to the device.

  2. USB debugging option is not enabled

    Make sure to allow USB debugging on the security prompt.


    To enable this, go to System SETTINGS > ABOUT PHONE > SOFTWARE INFO > Tab [Build No.] option 7 to 8 times continuously until the message "You are now a developer" is shown. Then, follow the screen above to enable the USB debugging.



    Actual screen may be different depending on the manufacturer. Refer to their website on how to activate the developer options.

  3. USB debugging is enabled but permission is not allowed

    In case Screen Capturing permission window pops up on the smartphone, make sure to check on "Always allow from this computer" and press Start to get connected.


  4. Device to be connected with is not registered in the account
    On the mobile device, launch the Mobizen Mirroring app and login. Make sure that you are using the same login method and email address.

  5. Mobizen plugin service is not started
    To connect from via USB, the Mobizen plugin service must be started and running. 
    Install the Mobizen Mirroring PC application to get the Mobizen plugin.

    In case the "MobizenService.exe" is not started, you can do it manually by going to Control Panel > Administrator tools > Services > start "Mobizen Plugin".

  6. USB cable is not correctly connected
    Try unplugging and plug back the cable. Also, try with a different cable.

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