Transferring files with Mobizen

Mobizen Mirroring allows the users transfer files and folders from and to mobile devices with a simple drag & drop.

This feature is available for Browser and PC Application.


Learn more about file transfer with browser.




1. Log in on the browser (, connect with the device and press [Files] icon.




2. By default, files and folders are shown as large icon. Press "View Type" icon change the view.




- List view




-3 depth view




3. Upload files from PC to mobile device with "Upload" icon.




4. Download files from mobile device to PC with "Download" icon.




5. Use the "Copy" icon to copy the files/folders.




6. Browse to the desired location and use "Paste" icon to copy the files/folders.




7. Users can use the "Share" icon to share files with different social services.




8. Rename files with "Change name" option.




9. To delete a file/folder, select the item and press the "Delete" icon.




Learn more about file transfer with PC application.




1. Press ▽ button to unhide 5 icons. The 4th icon is the file transfer option.




2. Mobile device's files and folders are displayed as list..

Current path is displayed on the top and use < and > to navigate left and right of that path.




3. Select the file/folder and right click on it to view available options.

[same options as browser version are available, New folder, Copy, Paste, Delete, Rename]




4. Drag and drop the file/folder from the mobile (PC application) to the PC (desktop or specific folder) to transfer files/folders.




5. Same method is used to transfer files/folders from PC to mobile device. 
Press [Close] to close the notification.


Save time with Mobizen Mirroring for searching and transferring files/folders on the phone.




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