[2017.05.16] Mobizen Mirroring Service update

Hi, this is Mobizen team.

First, thank you for your support on Mobizen Mirroring.

We will be updating Mobizen Mirroring service on May 16th.



1. bug fixed

(1) WEB

- Fixed the payment code display issue showing overlapped.

- Fixed the script error caused by ' in French.

- Fixed the error code 999.

(2) PC

- Fixed the issue caused by checking ADB for USB during WiFi connection.

- Fixed the (x) button not showing up when logging in with social account.

- Fixed the 20 sec timeout issue when VD is not pressed after 2 step verification.

- Added support to Galaxy Nexus with global app.


2. improvements

(1) WEB

- Added alert on the page when there is no device to connect with.

- Added payment completed page instead of refresh.

- Changed the email encryption from Hash to SHA.

- Added exception to Facebook sign up when email field is empty.

(2) PC

- Improved interaction with mouse over on Hardware/Toolbar/System menu.

- Removed tray icon.


3. New features


- Added RemoteView banner.


- Added Non-client pop-up message.

- Added show password option.


Please, make sure to updated the Mobizen app. We will continue to work hard to provide you with the best service.

Thanks again.




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