Try the following to merge Mobizen Mirroring accounts.

Hello, this is Mobizen Mirroring.

To start Mobizen Mirroring, users will need to register either an email address or Google + or Facebook account on the mobile device.

Mobizen Mirroring allowed users to register with the same email on Google+, Facebook or device and treat them as different accounts.

This has caused confusion among users when logging in to the service.

For example, users have registered with Google+ or Facebook account, but manually enters the email and password when logging in instead of using the social account button below.


As they are different accounts, of course it will fail to log in.


If a user retries the log in with the same information, the following message will the shown.


Mobizen service cannot be used as they can't log in.

So, no more complicated, error message filled logins!!!
To solve this, we are consolidating Mobizen Mirroring accounts.

All accounts, either registered from Google +, Facebook, or e-mail account, that has the same email address as login ID will be recognized as a single account.

Therefore, users can use any login method and they will be able to login.

Account consolidation is very simple.


1. Enter the login information on Mobizen Mirroring website or PC.


2. If there is any account with the same email as login ID, account integration guide page will appear.
(on the PC version, users will get a pop up. Press [OK] to move to the website.)


3. Press [I agree and Connect] button.

4. All accounts are now consolidated.

That's it!

Very simple, right? And of course, all payments and device information will be available to the consolidated account as before.

Try consolidating the accounts with same email and enjoy a more convenient mobile mirroring service.

We will continue to provide our customers with the best service.

Thank you.

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