I Cannot Connect with USB even if I have Mobizen on PC


Please read the following article if you have installed Mobizen on you PC, however, Mobizen PC and your device can not be connected with an USB cable.

1. Check the PC's USB Connection

First, the PC must be able to identify your smart device.

Please check if your smart device is properly recognized by your computer in [Control Panel] > [Device Manager] while connecting your smart device by USB.

  • Normal Conditions: If your Android Phone, Android ADB Interface, etc. appears without a yellow exclamation mark, then it is connected normally.
  • USB Connection Issue: If your Android Phone, Android ADB Interface, etc. does not show up or has a yellow exclamation point, then your smart device is not connected correctly.

After installing Mobizen PC and connecting your smart device with a USB cable, the program checks whether the USB driver is installed.  If necessary, an integrated USB Drive will be installed.

If you have install Mobizen PC and you still cannot connect via USB,

2. Check your PC's Plugins

  • If you have confirmed that your PC and smart device is connected properly in the above step, check if the PC plug-in is running normally.
  • You must have a process called mobizen service running.  To check this press Ctrl+Alt+Delete on your comptuer> [Task Manager] > [Processes].
  • If it does not exist, please restart the PC plug-in by clicking MobizenService.exe in the plug-in installation folder.
  • The plug-in installation folder is C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\RSUPPORT\MobizenService by default.

3. Caution when Installing Plugins: Turn off Smart Device Connection.

There is an error where the plugin is not immediately recognized when installing the plugin while your smart device is connected.

This problem is currently being fixed.  Please temporarily disconnect your smart device, install the plug-in, and reconnect your smart device.

4. Use USB Debuffering when Connecting

When connecting with a cable, you may be prompted to allow USB Connection. Please press OK.

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