How can I change / recover / reset my password? (Alphanumeric)

Hello. It's a Mobizen Mirroring team.
We will show you how to change and reset your Mobizen Mirroring password.

1. How to proceed on the site
2. How to proceed with the Mobizen Mirroring APP

The first thing to do is reset your password on the Mobizen Mirroring site.


1. I have forgotten my password on the login screen of Mobizen Mirroring site.


2. Go to the screen where you can reset the password.
Enter the e-mail address used for the Mobizen Mirroring and press the reset link send button.
 You will receive an email to re-enroll your Mobizen Mirroring password.

* Mobizen Mirroring Social Account subscribers can change their password
(Google +, Facebook) on their social services.

You can not reset your password on Mobizen Mirroring site.

3. Please press the register password below in the e-mail contents.
(If you do not have any Mobizen Mirroring in your inbox, check your Spam folder.)


4. Press the button and you will see a screen where you can register your password on the Mobizen Mirroring site.
Please enter the password you will use to sign in to Mobizen Mirroring.
Press the Next button.

5. Password successfully registered!
Please click the Go to Mirror Mirroring button!

Enter your email account and password on the sign-in screen and enjoy Mobizen Mirroring!



  • Learn how to change your password through the Mobizen Mirroring App.
  • This can be solved through Mobizen Mirroring Menu> Account Information Settings> Change Password.
  • However, if you are logged in through Social Media(Google+,Facebook), the Change Password menu will NOT show up. 

How to Change Your Password

  • You can change your password through the Account Settings Menu.
  • Setting > Account Settings > Change Connection Password to change your password.

How to Reset your Password(Forgotten Password)

  • You can reset your password from the Account Settings Menu.
  • Setting > Account Settings > Change Connection Password > select "I forgot my password" to receive a password reset link to the registered email address.


  • After receiving the email, click reset password> Enter a new password and click next


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