What’s 2-Step Verification?


  • 2-Step Verification is a way to help users use Mobizen safely and ensure security.

What is 2-Step Verification?

  • In case the login information is compromised, access to the device will be only allowed to the use who actually has the device with them and enter the 6 digits code.
  • Mobizen's 2-Step Verification process involves a randomly generated 6-digit code (OTP).
  • This randomly generated code appears after you hit "connect" on the Mobizen PC/Mac app, and on Mobizen.com, only if you are connecting through Wifi, or 3G/LTE.

Learn about Mobizen Mirroring ‘2-Step Verification’ Setting's Menu

  1. Use 2-step Verification

    • This is the the 2-step verification menu to ensure safety.
    • You can turn ON/OFF the 2-step verification here.
    • If 2-step Verification mode is OFF, you can use Mobizen Mirroring without a code.

  2. PC Management - Trust 2-step verification

    • In PC Management menu, you can see which PC's always trust the 2-step verification process.

How to receive 2-step Verification

  • Log into Mobizen Mirroring PC>‘Enter 2-step Verification’>Verification Complete 
    Learn More>
  • *Select ’Always Verify this PC’ to only have to to the 2-step Verification once. 

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