Creating Mobizen Mirroring account (from the website)

Hello, this is Mobizen Mirroring.
New users can sign up to Mobizen Mirroring and create their account from the website or Android app.
First, we will show you how to sign up from the website.
Open the browser and go to


Click the link "I do not have an account yet."



You will be presented with the free sign up window.

Select the social account icon to use that account or your own email.

1. If social account is selected,

- select either Goggle+ or Facebook account.
- Allow the permission request to receive account information.
- Mobizen Mirroring account is now created.

2. If email sign up is selected,


- Enter the email address to be used to login and press [Sign up].
- Password set up link is sent to the entered email.


-Click the [Set password] button.

-Enter the password to be used to log in and press [Next].


- Password is now set!

- Press [Start Mobizen] to use the service.

This is how to sign up from the website.

Do you need to sign up from the website? [Click]

Thank you for using our Mobizen Mirroring service.

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