How to change iOS device information and skin settings

Hi. This is Mobizen Mirroring.

Here's how to change the device information and skin settings for iOS device users.

iOS screen Mirroring can be done in the Mobizen Mirroring PC program after purchasing the Professional service.

You can download the Mobizen Mirroring PC program from the Mobizen website.


1. After running the Mirroring PC program, change the upper left icon to iOS.

Enter your Mobizen's Mirroring account information.


2. iOS Screen Mirroring connection screen. Please, be sure to check the notes below.

 *Changing device information*


Click the list box on the top. Mobizen Mirroring also supports the latest version of iPhone X.

Select the device information to be mirrored and connect.

You can enjoy Screen Mirroring with the device information skin and resolution you choose.

*Changing the skin*



Do you want to try other skins provided by the device after connecting the Screen Mirroring?

Click the Mobizen Mirroring SETTINGS menu> SKIN SETTINGS> Select the skin that corresponds to the device you have connected.

(we have selected iPhone 7/7+)




Was it difficult to find the setup menu? Now just click the right mouse button!

You can quickly and easily find and change the desired function and option settings.

We will continue to provide better service in the future.

Thank you.


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