[2018.07.05] Service update notice

Hi, this is Mobizen team.
First, thank you for your support on Mobizen Mirroring.

We will be updating Mobizen Mirroring service on July 5th.

- Added Payment Wall PG payment page (supports Euro)
- Improved code number payment screen
- Improve payment result (success / failure) detail screen

2. PC Mirroring Program
- Fixed the mirroring keyboard input hanging problem Win10 RS3 and above.
- Fixed the problem of iPhone / iPad mirroring view picture aspect ratio.
- Fixed the problem of not being updated after entering the iPhone / iPad mirroring lock screen.
- (*exception) Fixed the symptom that connected via wireless connection even if USB version is selected.

3. App
- Fixed display problem when connecting in landscape mode on some devices.
- Added Ctrl keydown handling when running mobile clipboards on some devices.

4. etc
- Other bug fixes, etc.

We will continue to provide the best service.
Thank you.

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