Facebook Login Error


Currently, mobizen.com cannot be signed in with the Facebook account.
We are working on this issue with Facebook support team.
Until the issue is resolved, sign in with Facebook account will not available.


Mobizen Mirroring supports 3 sign in methods.
Users with Facebook account can sign in using any of the methods below.

- Mobizen account (email/password)
- Google Login
- Facebook login


1. Sign in using Facebook account and any other ones
- You must complete the account integration process to sign in using Mobien sign in (email/password) or Google login.
- Account integration guide: https://goo.gl/yh7d8k


2. Sign in using only Facebook account
- If you have a Google account with the same email address as your Facebook account, you can use it as a Google login.
- Log in to Google from the homepage.
- The Google account must be valid and available to log in.


3. Sign in by creating a new account (NO Facebook method) and transfer purchased licenses
- We can assist you transferring the current licenses to the new account.
- Send your current Facebook ID and the new ID to customer support (https://goo.gl/6eHUW5) and we will take care of the transfer.
- After transferring the licenses, register again from the mirroring app with the new ID.
- (*)Only the license term is transferred and the purchase history remains in the old account.


We will try our best to solve the problem as soon as possible.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Thank you.

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